Reeds most favourite thing in the world is climbing, climbing anything, chairs, tables, bookcases, stairs, you name it he will climb it! So our trainee mountaineer is going to conquer Mt. Epilepsy!

Our gorgeous son Reed Jasper is on the climb of his life to overcome the evil that is Epilepsy. Accompanying him on our expedition to conquer MT Epilepsy are big sister Annabelle Martha and baby brother Carter Raine, mummy (that’s me!) and daddy (that’s him!)

We are just a normal family from Exeter, normal being that we work (when we can), play, laugh and scream at and for each other. We try and pay our bills on time, attempt to maintain some normality, mental health and have a love of all things yummy!

Our world came crashing down in August 2014 when our Reedy was diagnosed with infantile spasms which has evolved into intractable epilepsy. Drug resistant and surgery is the only option left.

This is is a honest and open account of our struggles and jubilations.


5 thoughts on “Home

    1. kate

      My thoughts go out to you and your family, my brother had epilespy, so I know what it is like, you have some good people around you which is very important,I read the article in the echo and was so moved, good luck with the run!


  1. carly

    Hi Rachel, I saw the story about Reed on the Exeter News website and wondered if I can take your email address? I’m a national journalist and also write for the women’s magazines. I’d like to do a feature for the mags on his journey and yours as his family also. Can you drop me an email please? Carly@mynewsagency.co.uk. xx



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