Two days on…..

Well two days ago we met with the surgeon to talk about the surgery he will conduct on Reeds brain.

Sleep for me has become a distant memory, replaced with fear, uncertainty, panic and constant observation.

Who knew that the reply to “how are you?” Would involve “they will remove the temporal lobe and send it for research” and “they will just disconnect from the rest of the brain” “there is a small chance he will die or have a stroke”. That’s not the normal “oh yeah fine thanks you?!”

Luckily it’s fairly normal to turn nutty when receiving such news, so the psychiatrists were on hand and my local dr has arranged counselling….. Luckily the date for this is fairly timely to hopefully in some way buffer the shock.

There again, not sure why such a shock as this is what we have been waiting for for nearly 5 months…. Perhaps I was holding out for a magic wand, miracle cure, reality of epilepsy sucks ass big time.

Yawn better get back on watch!


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