Apple blossom of possibility! 

I hadn’t seen one of my boober friends for a long time so we had a wee catch up. A fav place for us but this was the first time that I had taken Reedy there since his seizures got really bad and since we had met the surgeon to talk about the ins and outs of surgery. 

The older children played nicely together and in between chasing them, yelling “stop eating that”, “you coming out of that tree?” And “where are you?!” And following Reedy round like a hawk, trying not to compare the abilities of the two 18 month olds My beautiful friend made the mistake of asking “so what’s the latest?”

* tangent! * Now I know I shouldn’t compare as let’s face it with the amout of electric storms going on in his head its a wonder he has developed at all. According to the consultants it’s amazing that he is doing so well, which is a bit embarrassing when we are blue lighted into hospital and then he climbs the chairs and tables or lets himself out of his room and runs off down the corridor! 

Back on topic….. Fatal mistake “what’s the latest?” After I regurgitated my practiced, factual spheel, avoiding eye contact, I realised that she had welled up and I too just had a little cry. Our boys are a month and 6 days apart and we are very close. I didn’t realise the pain would be felt quite so much, most people just shrug and say “oh he s in the best hands” or “but he is so normal, you’d never know he was ill” or just sit quietly. Somehow, seeing a few tears in her eyes gave me permission to aswell, without feeling like a basket case or like I was a mad ed! Which believe me there are lots of people that think you are! 

Anyway after a super lovely day out, a good chin wag the kids and is in one piece, in the car and driving home (one child asleep and the other just sat quietly – which almost never happens) there was a huge gust of beautiful pink Apple blossom that made me feel that just possibly things will be okay. 


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