Limbo is exhausting! 

So two weeks have passed since we received full details of surgery and await a date, since then there have been; a couple of job applications completed, a few more counselling sessions to get head round our shit storm, a few beers at the Chiefs, a few tantrums (mostly mummy), operation ‘sort the allotment’ in full swing, been to the beach, play dates with super friends and things are pretty rosey. …. Or is it?!? 

Who can complain when we have a two pronged attack for bedtimes, bath times, alternative day lie ins and permanent babysitter if we want to pop out or nip to shop, eliminating the endurance exercise. 

I called the surgeons secretary yesterday to poke them into giving us a date, apparently there are 20 children and young people on this list and now there are 21 with Reedy. So could be a while, arrrrggh! So we wait and we attempt to live some kind of weird reality of going through the motions. 

Bloody Nora I am shattered, off to play a waiting game where no one wins! 


2 thoughts on “Limbo is exhausting! 

  1. Gill Tippins

    Jon and I are thnking about you, it must be such a stressful and tough time
    Love to you all Gill JOn and the furry friends



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