Charades with the NHS! 

I love the game of charades that we play almost weekly, where I called and try and speak to anyone/someone Hospital based and then try and interpret what they are on about when they are clearly dodging my questions or fobbing me off! 
BUT (don’t faint) having been in limbo and this crazy roller coaster of feeling up and down, with no steady, we finally have been given a ‘pre op’ date, we didn’t even know we were having a pre op?!? The details of which we still non the wiser. Oh and thrown in for good measure a eye test (linked to a kidney scan) that we didn’t know was happening and for what purpose…. Turns out they want to check for ‘tubular sclerosis’ (if you google it you are braver than me, something about benign tumours) thought it rather kind of them to let us know that Reedy was at risk of this… Waaaaaaaaa is what reedy and I are saying fairly regularly atm! 

Luckily nothing will stop this little dude: 

To take our minds off the game we start swimming lessons tomorrow!…. Wish us luck! 


2 thoughts on “Charades with the NHS! 

  1. Gill Tippins

    It must be so frustrating for you not understanding what is happening and feeling that you are not informed about pre op etc, I sometimes think with doctors it is so routine for them they forget thay we don’t understand what is going on and NEED TO KNOW. But I guess we have to have faith in them that they know what they are doing.

    Get on and enjoy the fun like swimming it will be a joy the first time he moves in the pool on his own

    I am off swimming for health reasons today so will think of you when splashing arount like beached whale



  2. Cindy Cull

    You are wonderful to continue down lifes path of normal stuff, when your brain is in utter turmoil & fear. Let the little man float & relax… as if he will!!



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