Family photies

This week we found out Reedy surgery will be conducted on 4th August 2015. There is not much I can comment on how we feel about this.

Although has been everything that we had been waiting for but we have never been so worried.

A few months ago I got in touch with an old friend of Ryan’s who is a photographer and booked a family photo shoot!

Have you ever done a family photo shoot?!? Well we did one last year and some bizarre people squeaked and squealed at my family for an hour till they “got it!” Then we reviewed them and got s copy of one photo. So booking a friend/photographer seemed like an amazing idea, especially when we talked about going to a field and playing whilst she took some photies!

We took our props, balks, bubbles, ribbons and met Katie. We giggled and played and hoped that she would get some natural and funny photies that would depict our family in its Raw form … All be it slightly more polished version of us!

I will add the photies ASAP…. In the mean time if you cannot wait the head to to see a couple of previews and an amazing write up, thank you Katie.



One thought on “Family photies

  1. Cindy Cull

    All who know you will be thinking of you all & sending you our love & positive support. He is such a strong little soldier… soon to be marching around giving you orders to salute to. xxx. I will light a candle for him, God Bless.



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