Dark Side of Epilepsy

Although we try and remain positive there is a truly dark side of having a family face the struggle that Epilepsy presents:

In short this includes:

  • Loosing your shit at the Tip when they close the section that you want to dump the crap filling your house!
  • Couples counselling
  • Sleepless nights – watching your son, hoping seizures don’t happen
  • Seeing every hour of the night for whatever reason makes them scream
  • Sleeping through and feeling guilty that we might have missed a seizure
  • Avoiding playdates and certain locations for fear of germs = high temp = Nee nors and hospital admission and the vague look in the Drs face when they finally admit Reeds condition surpasses her knowledge
  • Not able to work because there is no option for childcare as no setting will take a child with complex and unpredictable epilepsy
  • Arguments over nothing
  • Arguments over everything
  • Crying yourself to sleep
  • Militancy over sleep for fear of seizures
  • Panic attacks/ Paranoia
  • Feeling like you are being perceived as mental by both the medical profession and family members!
  • Desperation and despair over mood swings caused by drugs, teething and inherited bad temper!
  • Guilt over the impact of Reedys condition on Annabelle

humm i am sure there are more, but that will do for now.

Surgery T minus 6 days…. they are really going to remove some of Reeds brain!

Dont forget to check out just giving page if you fancy supporting the project we are hoping will help with Reedys rehab – http://www.justgiving.com/reedysclimb


2 thoughts on “Dark Side of Epilepsy

  1. Gill Tippins

    All the emotiona you are feeling I am sure are quite normal. Anger, fear, frustration, hating everyone and the whole world around you. It is hard to be strong at times lke this but remember your friends and family will share your pain and frustration when reading your blog and are sad there is nothig they can do to ease this mental aguish you are suffering. Thinking positive thoughts for all of you and sending love to you all


  2. Cindy Cull

    I have no words to help! We would all be the same faced with what you are going through – tough having no control of anything in your life especially when it involves your children. I doubt anyone would face it any better than you are… Feel free to rant and swear anytime, you have my permission. Ma Cull



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