Stepping outside the bubble.

We are very lucky that Reedy and Annabelle have some amazing friends so by default we do too! 

Our bubble includes: The boobers, friends, family and supportive playgroups. All of whom understanding and gracious when we arrive, will our fun, vibrant, determined and loud children! 

They know that when Annabelle is playing up its normally because we haven’t slept well or that she is overwhelmed by the upheaval that she has experienced meanwhile being 3 and trying to cope with all the feelings of growing up and learning how to express herself. 

They know that when Reedy is loud and screaming it’s because he has glue ear needing gromits at some point, they know that although he is physically very capable that his understanding is not as developed as he looks, they know that when he looks at his hand funny or stares off to space he is having some seizure activity and that he will probably need a lie down. Familiar playgroups move toys and furniture to get his pram in.

They know (I think) that for as long as they have known me that I suffer terribly with anxiety and although I look strong I panic regularly. Mostly irrationally but I panic! Not so much when I am around the safety of my bubble but definitely in new places with new people. 

Hidden illnesses are so challenging and can sometimes stop us or cut short new experiences. We have regularly left a playgroup or museum or restaurant prior to wanting to because I have gotten overwhelmed and feeling judged by onlookers from the outside!

Think I should take a leaf out of the children’s book and just be confident and unaltered. The bubble is lovely a safe but occasional departure will get easier over time. Wish us luck! 



2 thoughts on “Stepping outside the bubble.

  1. Gill Tippins

    HI Rachel
    Don’t worry about seeming to be stressed, the people who matter will know you and it will not matter. They love you and your family warts and all.
    You are a beautiful confident lady who like most of us has hiccups when under too much stress
    Everytime you think yourself stressed and less able to cope write a100 lines
    “I am beautiful and a brilliant compedent lady”




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