While we wait….

well the day has arrived, that in all honesty we never thought would nor would wish on anyone.

Surgery day, where they are currently disconnecting and removing the posterior lobes on Reeds left hemisphere. 

We all slept in together last night and had a very calm cuddling morning. 

We spoke to the anaesthetist and in true Berryman style had an awkward, Ryan’s in the shower with the door open panic! 

She explained what they will do and that she would be with him all day. The larger than life surgeon came to talk through the procedure, risks and prognosis, all the while Reedy was climbing the window sil. So was a mix of trying to listen and avoiding head injury! 

We are currently sat in a zombie like state in Marks and Bencers (as Annabelle calls it) trying to keep our tears inside us, a few keep escaping. 


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