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Acorns fun day! 

When you meet Reed it’s difficult not to fall in love instantly! 

Since January Reed has attended Acorns Day nursery, well on and off! When seizures were too bad it wasn’t appropriate to attend. C qHowever he is back! Where he is loved and cared for as if he is family. His key workers and the managers and well everyone have been amazing, so supportive throughout this time. 

In fact we have been overwhelmed by the level of love and affection they have for this little guy! 

When they emailed to say they would like to hold a fun day we were so happy…. Raise funds and awareness of Epilepsy. Brilliant! 

That day is here…. Tomorrow Acorns Pajamas and cake day where they will also sell tea-towels that all the children have been involved in. All monies raised will go to Honeylands Children’s centre. 

Honeylands is a local children’s charity where Reedy will be attending for rehab and get him back on track developmentally as the seizures have taken away a great deal of his learning. They also provide a support network for parents. Which is invaluable when you have a child with additional needs. 

If you would like to donate to this amazing cause then please go to our just giving page:

Thank you x


4 weeks post surgery

wow! It’s been 4 weeks since Reedy had surgery; his surgery was very radical including the removal of his temporal lobe and disconnection of parietal and occipital lobes in the left hemisphere of his brain in a hope to stop the seizures that have been debilitating since he was 8 months old. 

We were very much ready to come home and it has been a whirlwind since coming home! 

When you have two small children you have to get back to business as quickly as possible! 

We were warned Reed may be lethargic, weary and uninterested in joining in….. No truth in that! 

Here is some of his antics: 

Pecorama 10 days post surgery

 Hanging in the balls 14 days   

Throwing leaves 14 post op

 3 weeks post op. Getting strong

3 wks post op…. Run daddy run for Honeylands

 3 and a bit wks post op haircut

Cool dude!

 Play cafe to show off new hair and celebrate chums first birthday! 

Nearly 4 wks! Back to climbing and eating paint!

 Happy sausage!

Love my sister!

 This mornings feast! 

As you can see we have all been very busy, too busy to write! 

There have been good and more challenging days, which is to be expected, as home life and routine become more established the more settled we are all becoming. 

Lots of things in pipeline so see how he and we continue to recover from the most challenging time of our lives. 

Thank you for all your continued support. 

Welcome Home! 

As we pulled up we noticed the banners were already up and there were some mysterious packages by the front door.  


We are so lucky to have such great friends who literally get the flags out when we return and help fill our tummies with nutritious cottage pies 😍

Totally overwhelmed by the love and support, although we are chuffed to be home the ongoing stresses and panic that epilepsy brings is ever present. 

Probably (defo!) going to have a little cry now and remind myself how far we have all come and how amazing our bubble truly is. X x x

Express and Echo

We are so proud that Reedy made it into the Express and Echo yesterday. Anita, the reporter, replied to me having pm’d their Facebook page. We had a long conversation and the article was born. It was done in a positive and informative way. Brilliant. 

Our team at Bristol loved it too, “anything to raise awareness” of this amazing service. 

Obviously we are not sure how successful it will be yet, time will be our only indicator. We just know we have tried to do the best for him. 

Ready to go home and start rehab and healing both physically and emotionally. 

Cleaning Fairies

i have scratched my head a number of times when asked “is there anything that I can do to help?”

Well today I had a light bulb moment….. We are due for release tomorrow. But the house is a dump.. Not certain when I was going to sort it but magically though it would be clean!

Luckily I have a number of “how can we help?” to cash in. So messaged the Boobers +1 fairly sheepishly and they are as I type cleaning my house ready…. Luckily most of them have a higher standard and greater supply of bleach and microfibre cloths than I?!? 

Thank you cleaning fairies!

Love you all so much x x

The cleaning fairies in action!


Never ending guilt of parenting! 

It’s now 4 days post surgery and I haven’t seen number one child for 5 days. So I thought I would head home and see her, in preparation to bring her to see Reedy in the hospital. 

Well I felt guilty leaving her on Monday, felt guilty that she in nursery a few extra days a week, felt guilty that Reedy poorly, felt guilty that I had to leave Reedy, felt guilty for cooking dinner, feel guilty that someone else is looking after Annabelle, feel guilty that I cannot be on both places at once, felt guilty that I may give one more cuddles than the other, gosh the list goes on! 

It seems to be a never ending cycle of not ever being able to do the “right” thing and even when doing so feeling “guilty” about it! 

Didn’t feel too guilty about this lovely squidge this morning though:   

But don’t worry the guilt popped back in soon after when we were at a party and daddy n Reedy in the hospital! 

Day 2: eating breaky and flashing! 

So we have had a good night, up every few hours for mummy and daddy to swap beds, change nappies, administer meds and give calming cuddles.

We, Reed and I, we’re woken by approx 8 doctors and nurses doing the rounds! Daddy slept through it all!!!! 

All looking good to have the drain removed, all IV meds & liquids removed and mostly just having calpol and an anti-sickness. Such great news. 

This morning, as if we couldn’t be any prouder helped Reedy have his first meal in 2 days. 

There is some weakness on his right side, this is to be expected and with time, love and rehab will get better. 

So it’s all looking good at the moment, we will be moving over to the children’s ward sometime soon. Time in hospitals is a zone of its own, so could be today or tomorrow! 

We wouldn’t be us without some funny moments: the last 24 hours have included shopping for new clothes due to not packing enough and being in the firing line of sick,  flooding a bathroom and flashing the nurses! Winning!