Day 2: eating breaky and flashing! 

So we have had a good night, up every few hours for mummy and daddy to swap beds, change nappies, administer meds and give calming cuddles.

We, Reed and I, we’re woken by approx 8 doctors and nurses doing the rounds! Daddy slept through it all!!!! 

All looking good to have the drain removed, all IV meds & liquids removed and mostly just having calpol and an anti-sickness. Such great news. 

This morning, as if we couldn’t be any prouder helped Reedy have his first meal in 2 days. 

There is some weakness on his right side, this is to be expected and with time, love and rehab will get better. 

So it’s all looking good at the moment, we will be moving over to the children’s ward sometime soon. Time in hospitals is a zone of its own, so could be today or tomorrow! 

We wouldn’t be us without some funny moments: the last 24 hours have included shopping for new clothes due to not packing enough and being in the firing line of sick,  flooding a bathroom and flashing the nurses! Winning! 


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