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Gosh I didn’t realise how much we had neglected our blog. There have been a number of things to celebrate over the last few months and a couple of challenges that we have overcome. It’s not that I forget the blog our Facebook page gets all the up to date stuff! 

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A little round up of the last few months: 

Reedy started having a 1:1 at nursery and he is learning basic makaton to try and overcome his frustration from not being able to communicate. 

We have been for our 6 month post surgery check up, we think he might have been seizure free since the completion of surgery. We are keeping him on meds until at least September because seizures were so hard to stop. We saw the psychologist too and he was happy with Reedys development in light of all the problems and short time since surgery. 

Reed is developing everyday, although his behaviour can be very challenging. So we are seeking support from Honeylands to help with bringing him on and his behaviours. 

Not epilepsy related but reedy has undergone urgent surgery for a hernia in his groin and at the same time had some grommets fitted to see if this helps his communication. A more routine operation but it was a very unsettling day for Ryan and I; evoking all the feelings we had when went for Epilepsy surgery. 

Fingers crossed we will not have to go through much for a little while to give our family some chance to holiday and prepare for the arrival of our newest addition due in June! 

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