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He’s got “Reed”

Once again the blog been neglected! 

What a few months: last blog in April 

May saw mummy start working in a beauty salon, Annabelle up her hours at preschool and Reedy have assessments at Honeylands; Physio, speech and Lang, ed psychologist and eye sight people. 

June Carter Raine Berryman arrived! 

Reedy became a big brother! 

July-no idea! 

August – a few birthdays but mostly no idea! Mostly as reed learned how to climb out of his cot! Cue a nightmare waking schedule. 

September- that’s now! 

So bless him we are almost a year post ‘massive brain operation’ life is mostly great but Reedy is sometimes very challenging in his behaviours. 

Nb this in no way changes the amount we love or care for him! 

He hits out, gets stressed, is excited, sings loudly and a lot and is learning new words…. He randomly shouts out and can get very distressed if for example the birds he had pointed at saying ‘brr’ then do not do as he signs/mimes them to do! 

Yes amazing he is learning to say words and amazing that he is understanding the world around him and amazing he can be understood when he wants things to happen…. But my gosh we get some funny looks. 

Now some childrens behaviour can be explained as “ASD” or “MS” or “Dyspraxia” or a “genetic something” we don’t have anything like that so when he pushes an unsuspecting child or screams so much cause he wanted something that he can have or wants the birds to fly or Carter to eat an ice cream and people stare or pass comment normally we try and quickly explain: 

 That this is Reedy and he underwent a massive brain operation a year ago to try and stop his epilepsy and as a result we are not sure how his behaviour is going to improve and that the drugs her is on …………. Well we lost them at this is Reed! 

So we are going to stop telling them a life story (they don’t normally care!) and just apologise and say oh so sorry he had got “Reed” then who looks silly as they run home to google “reed”! 

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