Reedy is three!!!

Oh my gosh Reedy is three! Wow amazing. He has been through the mill, sadly he has little understanding that it is his birthday! 

He just knows that he has more marbles than ever now. Marbles seem to be the best way to keep him calm and concentrating. 

He has even started counting! 

Thanks to direct payments and generous friends we have all been fighting over an awesome marble run! 

Reedy has been watching his sister Annabelle horse riding for a few months now. We were worried as to how he might behave, but it would seem that with Annabelle leading the way he was a super star. 

We are going to continue to take him periodically. There is so much he will gain from being around these gorgeous animals. 

We had a little party for him at the local soft play, due to his behaviour we darent have many…. 

Busy few days of celebrating our special brained boy. 

No matter how much we try and be happy there is thos undertone of worry, panic and sorrow. Reedys birthday was on Friday but on the Wednesday before he was hooked up to EEG monitors for 24 hours to help us ascertain whether seizures have returned. 

We take these in our stride as there is little we can do until we know the results, which will be soon. We are 99% sure they have returned but there is 1% that hopes they haven’t. 

Ryan and Reedy Just about recovered from the 4/5 hours awake in the night to celebrate a happy birthday. 

Epilepsy keeps trying to ruin us but we keep bouncing back. 


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